Air freight

'Time is money' This proverb proves correct in the case of high value cargos or cargos that require fast delivery. As a modern forwarding operator, ERONTRANS provides its customers with a full airfreight service in the following forms: 


  • Door to door,
  • Door to airport,
  • Airport to door, 
  • And airport to airport.


In order to fulfil the needs of our clients, we take advantage of  the network of agents all over the world. Based on agreements with international and domestic partners and well-known airlines, we offer services which include:


  • Receipt of freight from the consignor,
  • Customs service and express service in the country of dispatch,
  • Air transport,
  • Customs and import services at the destination airport,
  • Delivery to the recipient address.


ERONTRANS services related to air cargo also include warehousing, reloading operations and additional cargo insurance.



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